Our Story

Hi there. We are Design Revolution Studios but our friends call us “Design Rev.” We are a full service creative and strategic marketing firm from the city of Reading, Pennsylvania – centrally located between New York City and Philadelphia. Since you’re here, let us tell you our story.

In 2003 our founding partners, one a Graphic Designer and the other a Strategic Marketer, opened Design Rev and decided to locate the company in their home town, in an effort to help fuel the local economy and provide careers to talented creatives who would otherwise flee to the bright lights of bigger cities. Today, our power-packed, uniquely talented team represents respected brands and manages multi-media campaigns, both around the globe and close to home. Shifting schedules to accommodate conference calls from clientele in Swiss time, canvassing the US on video shoots, or working with national business and community leaders were details never imagined in that original business plan. The ride has been one heck of a good time so far and we’re all having too much fun to get off anytime soon. So stick around and learn some more about what we do and what makes us tick. Meet the team…

Core Values

Great brands are built on values and convictions, and we believe it should be no different for a marketing firm. That’s why we selected the following as the principles we uncompromisingly adhere to when conducting business. Principles from which we do not waiver. No matter what. Never, ever.

Freedom with Responsibility – Dare to be different AND on-brand.
Ethics & Integrity – Enough said.
Collaboration“It takes two to make a thing go right.” Ha!
Drive – Work hard. Do it right. Be fair, but play to win or not at all.
Social Responsibility – We’re marketers, not snake oil salespeople.
Creativity & Versatility – Find a better way. Strategize. Adapt. Overcome.
Leadership – Proactive solutions, impartial analysis, unbiased perspective.

How We Think

Marketing is the great equalizer. If executed correctly, it transcends competition and can create one-of-a-kind advantages, regardless of size and/or means. Working closely with national and international brands for over a decade, we’ve built our firm on this belief. This means that when we initially evaluate our client partner brands we dig…deep.

We go beyond just products and services to find the true essence, the heart and soul of the brand. This leads to uncovering emotional triggers in the target audience and, once uncovered, we implement a carefully strategized set of solutions and tools to articulate that emotional payoff to the identified audience. This emotional connection is key in the cycle of a successful conversion to engagement and action upon receiving brand messaging.

Simply stated: We leverage each touch point between the brand and target in order to build brand awareness and memory retention. This is achieved by introducing emotionally charged media that appeals to the centers of the brain that control and drive purchasing decisions. You can consider it the perfect blend of science, marketing, graphic design, technology, and economics. Both qualitative and quantitative, our strategies reduce risk and maximize the performance of campaigns to achieve bottom-line results – results that have been achieved and implemented in both International and Domestic markets across industries ranging from beauty to banking and everything in between. Our team is most fulfilled when working with clients who are searching for our unique methodology to deliver custom, targeted and engaging solutions through a comprehensive variety of services. Doing it our way drives revenue generated from a genuine place in the consumer’s heart and mind.

Emotion is more powerful than marketing. It builds loyalty, creates satisfaction, prompts engagement, reinforces logic and inspires the client’s staff. A scenario in which everyone wins: the client, the audience, and the agency.