Janelle PaisleyManaging Partner & Creative Director

Boss Lady. She wrangles the creative team and brings our ideas to life. Her keen sense of design stems from her vast experience with major international accounts and her chameleon-like ability to bring out and refine the uniqueness of a brand. Janelle’s work has appeared on the Martha Stewart Show, in top design mags, and on numerous industry-related blogs. While working, you’ll often catch her snacking on fruits and veggies that she keeps squirreled away in her desk (we enjoy watching her facial expressions while she’s deep in thought). The print shop at Paisley Dog Press is her second home, a retreat where she blows off steam, and where she produces creations that speak today from machinery and processes circa 1892.

Shane Paisley, CSMPartner & Strategic Director

The brain behind the brand. He asks “why?” a lot and says things like “Consider the audience first” or “Is this experience relevant to the brand.” Shane holds a Certified Strategic Marketer (CSM) designation and helps our clients understand the importance of emotional connections and manages the delicate balance between messaging, targeting, positioning, and the tools needed to deliver the brand experience at each touch point. On any given day you’ll likely find him behind a stack of papers, sifting through data and market research with a large cup of coffee (more than likely his third cup). With a strong background in financial marketing, he earned his Series 6 and 63 securities licenses before even graduating college – no joke. This guy flies airplanes, is talented in the kitchen, and just may have the world’s largest iTunes library.

Tamika St. ClairChief of Staff

Tamika is our resident office Shaman and keeper of “the chime box”, a nifty little artifact that helps keeps the good Chi flowing around here. She holds the key role as liaison between our executive leadership, strategic/creative teams and clientele – weaving together the diverse, and many times complex, components of our integrated marketing campaigns. To keep things running smooth requires aligning all those resources while providing guidance and oversight – we can count on Tamika to be cool under pressure and provide comic relief when we need it most. Plus, she has a “get your hands dirty” work ethic that you can’t help but find to be both motivating and contagious. She comes to DRS from her tenured corporate America gig, where she earned major street cred as a talented Project Manager.

Amy WhiteheadSenior Art Director

Though she would rather make a career out of hiking volcanic craters or jumping out of perfectly good airplanes… as our Senior Art Director, Amy translates marketing strategy into a visual language that speaks clearly to target audiences and expresses brand equity. Primarily responsible for the visual elements of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC’s), Amy also leads our multidisciplinary team of creative professionals. She’s darn good at inspiring the team to develop authentic creative by considering the “big picture” of relevant content and reliable delivery methods. Her imagination? It’s fueled by a steady diet of coffee, beer, and homemade chocolate goodies.

Tyler WashingtonAssociate Multimedia Producer

Bio Coming Soon 🙂

Roy PickensContent Alchemist

From Facebook to LinkedIn, Roy is plugged in to social media and knows how to connect with an audience. With a background in journalism, he can get to the point without wasting too much of your time. Constantly searching for ways to get more eyes on the product, Roy works strategically and creatively to captivate the ever-growing world of social media and the internet as a whole. His only limit is 140 characters. He also understands the importance of a solid website and works to have the best, most up-to-date content available for users. When not hanging out on the web, Roy enjoys traveling to the nearest McDonald’s and long walks in the mosh pit. 

The BobMaster of Motion Pictures

Videographer, Director, Producer, Editor, and all around Great Guy (1979-): Commercials, web-vids, mini-docs, shorts, music videos – in the studio and on-location, Bob just might be the hardest working man in the business. Equally as noteworthy as his behind the lens talents, he understands the big picture of how video elements require integration with our tactical/creative strategies and can always be counted on to deliver visually compelling solutions that make sense for the scale of the production. Mysterious and elusive in his downtime, you can most likely spot Bob at obscure foodie hangouts, Wegmans Market Cafe or camera in-hand on the Philly music scene.

Erin DorneyCopywriter/Wordsmith

How many creative and strategic marketing firms do you know of who have a poet on staff? Copywriter and editor extraordinaire Erin Dorney is equipped with degrees in English, Creative Writing, and Communication / Journalism. After working for 6+ years as an academic librarian (did you know librarians need master’s degrees these days?), she joined forces with Design Rev to craft and edit engaging, on-brand content. Originally from Lancaster, PA, Erin now (reluctantly) lives in the midwest, but we love her anyway. You should probably know that she does almost all of her work with her dachshund “Petey” close by—attempting to lick the computer screen.

Team DRSDesigners, PR & Copy Specialists, Brand Psychology Experts...The guys and gals that make good things happen.

Our philosophy on HR is fairly simple: Hire the most talented people you can find, treat them with respect, keep the coffee pot full and music pumping. Our team is a talented cast of characters and our clients value the intimate working relationship that develops with our firm, rather than dealing with a bloated hierarchy of sales people. Currently, the team features Designers for Print, Web, and Environments, Brand/Cognitive Psychology Specialist , Video Production Mavens, Web Programmers, PR Experts, and versatile Copywriters. Together, we are the Design Rev team, a nimble and proactive key component of the brands we represent and the loudest office on our floor.